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Our Company History

Welcome to Leamington, Ontario, the Tomato Capital of Canada. It's no surprise that a tomato hook which would allow farmers to save both time and money would be manufactured here. Neil Enns, owner/operator of Wind Twine & Hooks Inc. worked for many years in the greenhouse industry. It was here that he saw a need for hooks that came pre-wound which would be very useful to the farmers already busy in a very time-sensitive market.

      Wind Twine & Hooks Inc., Leamington, Ontario, Canada


Mr. Enns built his own piece of equipment which would automatically wind six hooks at once with varying lengths of twine. Each order is custom made to the specifications of the client. The small business that Mr. Enns started in 2001 has grown to include several other winding machines and employees between 8 and 25 full time local employees per year.

Wind Twine & Hooks is also Southwestern Ontario's authorized dealer for Smoothie Tomato and Pepper Twine.

More and more companies have become more environmentally friendly and Wind Twine and Hooks is no exception. This small operation also recycles the clients used hooks which are rewound and able to be used many times. Plastic rollers can also be recycled by being rewound.

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